OnePlus 7 Pro has received an impressive overall DxOMark score of 111 for its cameras, and DisplayMate has awarded an A+ rating to the QHD+ 90Hz display as well. The DxOMark score is just one point shy of the top spot, with the Huawei P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S10 both scoring an impressive 112. Still, the OnePlus 7 Pro scores well in most of the photo and video sub-scores on DxOMark. On DisplayMate, the phone is lauded for its colour accuracy, visible screen resolution, image contrast accuracy, and more.

In its OnePlus 7 Pro camera review, DxOMark appreciates the rear camera contrast output in all lightning conditions, and its wide dynamic range. Its photo score of 118 points is thanks to excellent exposure, and the wide dynamic range preserves both highlight and shadow detail in high-contrast scenes. The white balance in outdoor situations remains neutral, and strong saturation delivers vibrant and bold hues that really pop. The texture-versus-noise trade-off is well-controlled, and the photos packs plenty of detail as well. There’s some loss of texture in lower light conditions, and noise starts to become noticeable in dark parts of the image.

The review states that the Portrait mode is one of the best that has been tested, with good depth estimation, accurate subject masking, a pleasant blur gradient both in front and behind the portrait, as well as a natural look to the background blur, which boasts good shape and contrast to the spotlights.

The 3x optical zoom telephoto lens seemingly delivers excellent results at close range, and although at medium range noise is a little more prevalent and colour slightly more desaturated than in standard shots, the level of detail is good. Image quality deteriorates quickly at long zoom distances, though. Video score for the OnePlus 7 Pro is at 98, and it excels for fine detail preservation, thanks to its capture of 4K footage at default settings, and the good autofocus system means you can be assured of sharp, detailed videos. That report says that stabilisation system is a little less efficient at reducing walking-induced camera-shake and artieacts than some competitors’ systems. You can read the full camera review on the DxOMark website.

The DisplayMate score was teased a couple of weeks ago, and the in-depth review has now been published on the site. The OnePlus 7 Pro has been awarded the highest A+ display rating, claiming that the phone integrates one of the “most innovative and highest performance” displays. It gets the DisplayMate Best Smartphone Display award and joins the select few like the Samsung Galaxy S10, iPhone XS Max, and Google Pixel 3 XL which have received this accolade as well.

The phone’s display is lauded for its highest visible screen resolution at 1440×3120 pixels and DisplayMate says that 4K visually does not appear sharper on a phone. The display has the highest absolute colour accuracy at 0.8JNCD, largest native colour gamut at 111 percent DCI-P3 and 140 percent sRGB, highest contrast ratio, and lowest screen reflectance at 4.6 percent. The OnePlus 7 Pro also has the smallest brightness variance with viewing angle i.e., 22 percent at 30 degrees.

The OnePlus 7 Pro was put through the bend and scratch tests as well, and it passed those tests with flying colours. It even scored well in the flame test as well.

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