OnePlus 7 Pro Survives Bend, Scratch, Flame Tests With Ease

OnePlus 7 Pro has been launched just a day ago

The OnePlus 7 Pro was launched last night, and YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has already released its customary bend and scratch test video. The phone seems to hold its ground in most of the tests, particularly in the bend and the flame test. Even with the scratch test, the OnePlus 7 Pro starts to scratch out at level six on Mohs hardness scale, something that is the case with most glass protected phones. Even with the heavy scratches, the phone’s in-display fingerprint scanner stays unaffected.

JerryRigEverything starts out with the scratch test, and he notices that the scratches begin at level 6 on the OnePlus 7 Pro, with deeper grooves at level 7. The back is also Gorilla Glass 5 with the logo and wordmark sitting underneath the protection, which means that they will not get scratched so easily. The pop-up selfie sensor is protected with glass too, which means less prone to scratches, but the area around it is covered in plastic. That little area is prone to scratches, but it won’t affect the lens or the photos you take from it.

The sides of the OnePlus 7 Pro are made of metal, including the sides of the pop-up selfie mechanism. The bottom edge houses the SIM tray which offers dual-SIM slots, and has the red band ingress protection for prevention of water damage. The USB Type-C port and the speaker grille also sit at the bottom edge. The 3.5mm audio jack does not make a comeback.

The YouTuber conducts his customary flame test, and surprisingly the OnePlus 7 Pro’s pixels do not burn even after showing it continuous flame for about 50 seconds. This is quite impressive given that most phones suffer irreversible burnt pixels just after 20 seconds of flame.

As mentioned, the OnePlus 7 Pro houses a pop-up selfie sensor, and the mechanism’s durability is tested by throwing the phone from over 1.5 feet height with the selfie sensor out. The phone uses the internal accelerometer and gyroscope to recognise a fall, and automatically pushes the sensor back into the frame to avoid damage. Lastly the OnePlus 7 Pro survives the bend test with flying colours, with no visible cracks or lose parts. All in all, the phone is quite sturdy and aces most of the tests with ease. You can watch the full video below:

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